Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal

Success (8/4) - 31 days

After a couple weeks of drought and bad start this month with a RTS from Mr. Robinson. I was surprised to get a return from the Big Shamrock!

The request was mailed last 2/8/2011 to his home address. I got it back on 3/11/2011. I sent 4 custom 3R photos for autograph with duplicates for him to keep. Amazingly he signed all 8. My brother is a big fan of my brother so the extra 4 will be a great present for him. 

This is my biggest success so far. Thank you very much Mr. O'Neal for being good to your fans!!!


  1. I think it's cool how he inscribed his different jersey numbers to correspond with his team at the time.

  2. @ cubsfan731, thanks for the comment. Nice blog you got there. I just followed you.