Friday, October 19, 2012

Slater Martin (RIP)

Rest In Peace. Mr. Slater Martin. 
Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer, Class of 1982.
5× NBA champion (1950, 1952–1954, 1958), 7× NBA All-Star (1953–1959).

Mr. Slater's kindness and graciousness to his fans will always be remembered.
My condolences to his family.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Becky Hammon

Success (5/5) - 429 days

Sent: 8/2/2011

Received: 10/4/2012

One of my longest wait! Rebbeca "Becky" Hammond of the San Antonio Silver Stars. 6-time WNBA All-Star. Named to the WNBA's  Exclusive Top 15 Players of All Time list. 

Matt Hughes

Success (3/3) - 210 days

Sent: 3/7/2012

Received: 10/3/2012

One of the best MMA fighters of all time and UFC Hall of Famer, Matt Hughes!!! Long wait but worth it.

James Worthy

Success (2/4) - 525 days

Sent: 4/15/2011

Received: 9/21/2012

My longest wait. Basketball Hall of Fame and Lakers Great, James Worthy.

Signed 1 trading card and a 3R photo. A bit disappointed because the trading card was badly creased and there is smudging in 3R. Anyway, I sent another request and hopefully the signature with turn out better the next time

Thank you Mr. Worthy for being great to your fans.

Dirk Nowitzki

Success (1/1) - 43 days

Sent: 7/30/2012

Received: 9/11/2012

Other details to follow.

Landry Fields

Success (4/4) - 153 days

Sent: 4/11/2012

Received: 9/11/2012

Former New York Knicks player and current Toronto Raptors guard/forward, Landry Fields. Inscribed Bible verse as requested. Ecstatic with this return!!!

John Stockton

Success (2/4) - 92 days

Sent: 6/7/2012

Received: 9/7/2012

Basketball Hall of Famer, John Stockton. Holds NBA records for most career assist and steals. 10-time NBA All-Star. Named to NBA's 50th Anniversary Team.

Signed only 2 custom 4x6 photo. Happy with the return. Would have been great if he also signed the other 2 but I am not complaining.

Bret Hart

Success (4/4) - 91 days

Sent: 5/7/2012

Received: 8/6/2012

Huge Mojo from Professional Wresting Hall of Famer, Bret "the Hitman" Hart. 

Signed three 4R photos - personalized each for me and my 2 other brothers in GOLD sharpie. Turned out great. He also signed an index card!

Thank you Mr. Hart for being great to your fans.

Gail Goodrich (RTS)

Failure (0/4) - 117 days

Sent: 4/11/2012
Received: 8/6/2012

Return to sender - REFUSED. I guess he no longer signs.

Tom Heinsohn

Success (4/4) - 43 days

Sent: 6/20/2012

Received: 8/2/2012

Basketball Hall of Fame, Class 1986. 8x NBA Champion, 6x NBA All Star, NBA Rookie of the Year (1957). As a Coach, He is a 2x NBA Champion as a coach and was named NBA Coach of the Year in 1973.

Signed three 4R photos and 1 3R photo in Black sharpie. 

Thank you Mr. Heinsohn for being great to your fans.

Dell Curry

Success (3/3) - 43 days

Sent: 6/20/2012

Received: 8/2/2012

Thank you Hornets Great, Mr. Curry for being great to your fans.

Brad Daugherty

Success (5/5) - 43 days

Sent: 6/20/2012

Received: 8/2/2012

Cavalier Great, Brad Daugherty. 5x NBA All Star. Great signer! 

Thank you Mr. Daugherty for being good to your fans.

Dick Vitale

Success (4/4) - 78 days

Sent: 5/10/2012

Received: 7/27/2012

Basketball Hall of Fame, Sportsaster Dickie V! I prefer that he signs on the white area but then again he didn't really have to sign for me ...but he did, so I will not complain.

Thank you Mr. Vitale for being good to your fans.

Terrell Brandon

Success (5/5) - 33 days

Sent: 6/20/2012

Received: 7/23/2012

Cleveland Cavalier Great! 2x NBA All-Star (1996-97). NBA Sportsmanship Award (1997)

Thank you Mr. Brandon for being good to your fans.

Joe Johnson

Success (4/4) - 149 days

Sent: 2/22/2012

Received: 7/20/2012

Former Atlanta Hawks and current Brooklyn Nets star. 6x NBA All-Star and still counting....

Signed with a light black sharpie. Autograph on one of the trading card is badly smudged. Nevertheless, a great success.

Thank you Mr. Johnson for being good to your fans. Wish you all the best with the Nets!

Hubie Brown

Success (5/5) - 73 days

Sent: 6/20/2012

Received: 7/18/2012

Basketball Hall of Fame, Class of 2005. 2x NBA Coach of the Year (1978, 2004)

Thank you Mr. Brown for being good to your fans!

Charles Oakley

Success (4/4) - 28 days

Sent: 6/20/2012

Received: 7/18/2012

NY Knicks Great! NBA All-Defensive First Team (1994) and Second Team (1998). NBA All-Star (1994_

Thank you Mr. Oakley for being good to your fans.

Kenny Walker

Success (3/3) - 26 days

Sent: 6/20/2012

Received: 7/16/2012

1989 NBA Slam Dunk Champion, Kenny "Sky" Walker.

Thank you Mr. Walker for being good to your fans.

Mark Bryant

Success (2/2) - 55 days

Sent: 5/22/2012

Received: 7/16/2012

Thank you Mr. Bryant for being good to your fans!

Tony Parker (RTS)

Failure (0/4) - 35 days

Sent: 6/7/2012
Received: 7/12/2012

Return to sender - Unable to Forward.

Bill Walton

Success (6/6) - 29 days

Sent: 6/7/2012

Received: 7/6/2012

Basketball Hall of Fame, Class of 1993. 2x NBA Champion (1978, 1986), NBA Finals MVP (1978), NBA 6th Man of the Year (1986), 2x NBA All-Star (1976-77), All-NBA First Team (1978), All-NBA Defensive First Team (1977-78), 2x NCAA Champion (1972-73), 2x NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player (1972-73), 3x Naismith College Player of the Year (1972-74), Member of the NBA's 50th Anniversary Team.

Awesome signer! Thank you Mr. Walton for being great to your fans!

Jerry West

Success (3/5) - 73 days

Sent: 4/24/2012

Received: 7/6/2012

The LOGO!  1972 NBA Champion , NBA Finals MVP (1969), 14x NBA All-Star, NBA All-Star Game MVP (1972), 10x All-NBA First Team, 4x All-NBA Defensive First Team, Member of NBA 35th Anniversary Team and 50th Anniversary Team.

Thank you  Mr. West for being good to your fans.