Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bill Walton

Success (6/6) - 29 days

Sent: 6/7/2012

Received: 7/6/2012

Basketball Hall of Fame, Class of 1993. 2x NBA Champion (1978, 1986), NBA Finals MVP (1978), NBA 6th Man of the Year (1986), 2x NBA All-Star (1976-77), All-NBA First Team (1978), All-NBA Defensive First Team (1977-78), 2x NCAA Champion (1972-73), 2x NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player (1972-73), 3x Naismith College Player of the Year (1972-74), Member of the NBA's 50th Anniversary Team.

Awesome signer! Thank you Mr. Walton for being great to your fans!

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  1. Any chance you can share the Walton address you used?