Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elgin Baylor

Success (1/4) - 31 days

Sent: 4/24/2011
Received: 5/25/2012
Address: c/o home address

Elgin Baylor - Basketball Hall of Fame, Class 1977. 
11× NBA All-Star (1959–1965, 1967–1970), NBA All-Star Game MVP (1959), NBA Rookie of the Year (1959), 10× All-NBA First Team (1959–1965, 1967–1969), NBA 35th Anniversary Team, NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team, NBA Executive of the Year (2006) and many more.

Signed 1 of 4 and included a very strange note. I don't know what he means with it but nevertheless a great success since I wasn't expecting him to sign.

Thank you Mr. Baylor for being good to your fans!!!

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