Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jeremy Lin

Success (4/4) - 174 days

I got my first return this month from Jeremy Lin!

Lin is the first American player in the NBA to be of Chinese/Taiwanese descent. He graduated from Harvard University but was undrafted but his strong performance during the 2010 NBA Summer Camp in Las Vegas earned in a partially-guaranteed contract the Golden State Warriors.

The request was sent last 1/13/2011 to his team address and I got it back yesterday, 7/6/2011. I sent 2 rookie cards and 2 custom 3R photos. Jeremy signed them all in black sharpie. This is my longest return but definitely worth the wait.

Thank you very much Mr. Jeremy Lin for being great to your fans! I hope to see you play more minutes next season (after the lockout) and help the Warriors enter the playoffs. 


  1. He went to the Knicks mvpcollectibles. Im so sorry!

    1. Good for the Knicks, bad for the Warriors then. Hope Linsanity can help his team enter the playoffs this season.