Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yao Ming (Failure)

Failure (Returned Unsigned, 0/3) - 28 days

I received my request from Mr. Yao Ming unsigned. I sent my request last 4/5/2011 to his home address and got it back on 5/3/2011. I sent 2 trading cards and 1 custom 3R photo. 

I had the impression that Yao was good signer since I have seen successes recently. I believe he also has plenty of time in his hands right now since he has been injured for most part of the season. I guess his fans are not that important to him or maybe he has a good reason not to sign autographs anymore.

This was my 2nd attempt. He didn't also return anything from my first request. I'm very disappointed with Yao.

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